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Are you connected correctly?

Did you know that most houses have two separate sewers? The foul sewer takes waste water from toilets, bathrooms and kitchens straight for treatment at the sewage works. While the surface water sewer takes rainwater to a local river or stream. It’s essential that the correct pipes be connected in and out of your property. If they’re not, you could face a hefty fine.
Why does it matter?

If your drains are connected to the wrong sewer they can cause environmental damage and pollution, which is illegal according to the Environmental Protection Act 1990. As the homeowner it’s your responsibility to get any misconnection fixed or you could face a fine, but as ever we’re here to help. We’ve a handy ConnectRight leaflet full of information to ensure you’re connected correctly. We’re also working closely with the Environment Agency to identify rivers that are being polluted by wrongly connected pipework so we can notify homeowners and help them fix the problem.

Common misconceptions

When fitting a new bathroom or installing a new kitchen it’s all too easy to plumb an appliance into the nearest pipe or drain available. Get it wrong though and you could soon be polluting your water. Washing machines are the biggest offenders (35%), closely followed by dishwashers (15%) and sinks (15%). So if you’re thinking of making any changes why not contact our team and let us point you in the right direction before you start.

Doing the right thing together

We’re proud to support the national ConnectRight campaign. Join us in helping to keep the UK’s rivers and beaches pollution-free by visiting the ConnectRight website today.

Misconnection FAQs

We’ll send you a letter to explain that a misconnection has been found and that remedial work is required. A sketch of your property’s drainage will also be enclosed to help you understand what’s required.

We’ll send you a letter to explain that a misconnection has been found and that remedial work is required. A sketch of your property’s drainage will also be enclosed to help you understand what’s required.

Naturally, this depends on the fault identified by our survey contractor. They should have given you clear advice on the day of their visit, but if you’re still unclear call us on the phone number included on the letter that informed you of the misconnection. 

Unfortunately it’s impossible for us to say exactly. The work could be as simple as switching pipes between drains, or it could require more costly ground excavation. We advise you to get in touch with at least two local plumbers or builders for a quote, as prices often vary.

Legal action can be taken, but naturally we’d much prefer you to understand the importance of undertaking the work and are always happy to offer advice. Simply contact our team today.

We investigate when the Environment Agency or a member of the public report a polluted discharge to a watercourse. The discharge may have been occurring intermittently over a long period of time, but has not been previously seen and reported.

Contact your property insurers or drainage insurance company if you have a policy. The sewer may require a CCTV inspection to confirm the fault. The costs should be shared between the owners of all properties that are connected to the sewer.

The building inspector will have inspected the drainage for build quality but may not have confirmed that the new pipe work connects to the correct sewer pipe.

If you’re the owner of the property any faults are your responsibility by law. Unfortunately, unless a full drainage survey was requested at the time of purchase any faults would not have been identified.

You should speak to the council directly who will explain their complaints procedure. Please keep us informed of any progress.

If you rent your property you should immediately contact your landlord who may be the local council, housing association or private landlord.


Unfortunately, Hafren Dyfrdwy is not able to undertake work on private drainage.

In most cases only blocked covers and defective sewers are covered by such policies, however we always recommend you check.

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