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WaterSure FAQs

You can view the charges for Watersure in our Charges booklet (PDF)

We’ll contact you and explain why your application wasn’t successful. However, if your circumstances change and you meet the eligibility criteria you can reapply.

You’ll need to provide evidence to support your application. Please read the ‘notes’ section on the application form (PDF) for information on the evidence required to support your application.

Not at all, you can continue to pay your bill in the usual way.

Once we have successfully processed your completed application form we will amend your charges from the date of your last meter reading. We’ll also contact you to confirm the changes.

You’ll qualify for the scheme until your circumstances change and you no longer require help. However, you will have to reapply every year (don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder). If you decide not to reapply you will go back to the way you were charged before you qualified for the scheme.

You will remain on the scheme for the remainder of the 12 months until we send your reapplication letter. At this point you can let us know if you are still eligible or not. If you’re not, you will be removed from the scheme once your account has been billed.

Your National Insurance (NI) number is required to allow us to contact the authority that provide your benefit or tax credit. This is so we’re able to check that the information you have provided is correct. We may also use your NI number in order to apply for payments directly from your benefits should your account fall into arrears.

Unfortunately the scheme will not be backdated under any circumstance. Any outstanding balance at the time of being accepted onto the WaterSure Wales scheme will need to be paid.

If your actual metered bill is lower than the reduced charge, you’ll only be charged for the lower amount.

The WaterSure Wales scheme will not reduce any arrears from previous bills and any outstanding amounts will need to be paid in full. Call us on 0330 678 0679 to talk through all your options.

Together we’ll find the best possible way for you to pay your bill. We offer monthly, fortnightly or weekly plans to help spread out your payments. Alternatively, if you’re in receipt of Income support, Jobseeker’s Allowance or Pension Credit, we can arrange for payments to be made directly from your benefit. This will make sure you do not fall behind with payments for your water.