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Heniarth to Welshpool

Every so often, we need to replace old water pipes. That’s because the risk of bursts increases as the years pass and we’re really keen to avoid this. Therefore, we’re going to replace some of the old pipes in along the A458, Llanfair Caereinion, area of Powys with brand new ones.

Our progress so far

The work will start from 3 May 2022 and will be completed by 17 March 2023. Our team will begin working in private land, moving onto the carriageway on 12 September 2022, working from the A458 near Cytronydd at the junction of B4392, working towards A458 near Castle Caereinion. 


Multi-way traffic lights

To enable us to work quickly and safely we’ll be using temporary traffic lights at the junction of the A458 and B4389. 

Our Progress

Start date

3 May 2022

Upcoming work

Work in Progress

Work completed

Estimated completion date

March 2023

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Meet the team

Janine Billington

Hafren Dyfrdwy Community Communications Officer