Help and Contact

Hello, I’m Andy Smith, Severn Trent Water’s Customer Director. 

Here at Severn Trent we are committed to delivering you a continuous supply of great quality water, taking your waste water away and cleaning it before we return it to the environment and to keeping your bills low.

In order to enable us to do that, we need to have, and to hold and to use some of your personal data, and it’s really important that you understand what data we hold, what we do with it and who we share it with and that you can trust us to take good care and use that data only to supply you with those water and waste services.

Now, we have on our website our data policy and our cookies policy for you to have a look at and that will explain to you what data we hold, how we use it and what we do with it. Sometimes those policies can seem a little complicated, so we have laid out three principles which we will live by in terms of our Customer data promise.

The first one is that we will use your data to support the services that we deliver to you. For example, if you are due a compensation payment because we have failed to meet any of our regulatory standards then we will calculate that and pay that for you proactively.

The second principle is we will be clear on what data we hold and what we do with it and we will have a clear data and cookies policy for you to see, and the third principle is that we will keep your data secure. We will ensure that only those people who need to access that data in order to deliver services to you will have access to that data.

By these commitments you can be confident that we will look after your data and use it only to provide you with the water and waste services, and also to provide you with additional services from time to time should you need them.

Thank you