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Why does my water smell/taste like a swimming pool?

It can be concerning if you notice a different smell or taste in your water

If you notice your water smells like a swimming pool, this is likely to be related to the chlorine levels in the water.

Chlorine is used in water as a disinfectant, and it is also in swimming pools but at higher concentrations. So if your water smells like a swimming pool this may be due to increased chlorine levels. If there's been repair work or improvement works in your area we may have increased the chlorine level to make sure your water quality is not compromised.

To help clear this, try keeping a jug of fresh water in the fridge which will help the chlorine dissipate. There are no current UK regulatory limits for chlorine, but we aim to keep them low enough as so they do not cause a taste/odour in your water but still at a level where they are providing adequate disinfection to the water supply.

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