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My bill is for charges until 31 March next year; why do I have to pay for something I haven't used?

Charging in advance

For services we provide where a customer is not on a water meter we're entitled to request payment a year in advance, on 1st April of that financial year. Our scheme of chargeshave been approved by the water industry regulator Ofwat.

We provide our customers with the option to pay in two instalments - one on or before 1st April and the final payment on or before 1st October. We also offer payment options which allow customers to spread their billed charges throughout the year. You can view more information about the various ways you can pay online.

As an alternative to paying for your services in advance we also offer our customers the option to have a water meter installed free of charge. This means we can calculate your charges based on the water you use. You can find out more about the benefits of having a water meter and request a free water meter online.