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I've got no water or low pressure

What you should do if you have no water or low pressure

If you have no water or low pressure there may be a problem in your area. You can check to see if something has already been reported on our interactive map. If there isn't anything reported on the map call our 24/7 team on 0800 085 8033 and they'll be happy to help.

There are some checks you can do yourself too, to work out what the problem is.

Check with your neighbours
If they're having the same problems as you are, it's likely that there's a problem in your area. You can check our interactive map to see if it's been reported, or view our latest news section.

Alternatively you can call us on 0800 085 8033.You should also check whether your neighbours have been doing any plumbing work on their homes. It's common that one supply pipe can supply more than one home, but your neighbours may not realise they've affected other homes.If it's just your home or property that's being affected and your neighbours' supplies are all ok - You'll need to contact a plumber for help.If you've had some plumbing work done in the last 48 hours it could be related. You may have turned the stop tap off or something simple like that. If you're not sure, it's best to contact whoever carried out the work. You can also search our approved plumbers list.

Do you have water supply downstairs but not upstairs?
If you have cold water supply at the tap closest to your inside stop tap but not upstairs this could indicate a pressure problem, if there are no area problems showing on our interactive map please call us on 0800 085 8033. This line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Do you have cold water but no hot water?
If you have cold water but no hot, this indicates an internal problem which a plumber should be able to help you with.

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