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Can you move my water meter closer to my property?

Moving a meter

There is a cost to move your water meter (a survey is done free of charge first to see if a meter resite is possible). The full list of rates and T's and C's (terms and conditions) will be on the literature we will send to you.

Before this work can be carried out, you will be asked to sign a charge agreement. This will be requested from you at the time of the survey.

Please note it may not be always be possible to resite the meter and the reason for this will be made clear to you at the time of the visit.

If you require a resite and the meter is currently situated more than 50 meters from the property, we will not be able to carry this out because of the distance involved.

The cost for an upsize also. You'll need to have your own pipework modified to the meter size which is required, prior to a survey being carried out.