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Should I use a WaterMark approved plumber for my connection?

If you use a WaterMark plumber to install your service pipe and internal plumbing we will not always need to come out and inspect the work before we complete the connection. When you make payment for the connection simply provide us with a copy of the WaterMark certificate and catchment form which is completed by the plumber to confirm they have carried out the work at the property. We will check their details and arrange for the connection to be made (we will carry out audit checks on a random selection of these jobs).

If you don't use a WaterMark approved plumber that's fine too, it just means we'll have to attend and inspect your service pipe before we complete the connection.

You can contact a WaterMark approved plumber in your area on our website. Simply enter your postcode and find a WaterMark approved plumber nearby.

WaterMark approved plumbers are not employed by us, nor do we gain any financial benefit from you using them. However, to gain membership they have been audited for workmanship and compliance with the regulations. In this respect all warranties expressed or implied are excluded and we cannot accept any responsibility for their work or charges.