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What is a form 4?

Form 4

A Form 4 is a notification to start connecting service pipes which a SLP must use to tell Hafren Dyfrdwy information about each property it intends to make a service connection to.  This notification must be sent to Hafren Dyfrdwy 10 days before starting to make any connections, or 5 working days if a Hafren Dyfrdwy WaterMark, or equivalent scheme, approved plumber has completed the work.

Hafren Dyfrdwy expect the minimum information for each plot to be completed on a Form 4:

  1. the Hafren Dyfrdwy reference number(s)
  2. the plot numbers which are ready for inspection
  3. the postal address of each plot
  4. the date the plots will be ready for inspection   
  5. the name/organisation who is going to install the meters
  6. confirmation that service connections have been paid for
  7. confirmation of pipe size
  8. confirmation of meter size needed
  9. confirmation of connection to an on-site or off-site main

An incomplete Form 4 will be returned to the SLP.