About Us

Responsible business


Whether it’s keeping you properly informed about our works, offering a great day out at our reservoir sites or investing in the young people in our region, we've an important role to play.

We also support regional employment and skills development. We directly employ more than 5,200 people in our region and use over 900 regional suppliers. In 2012, we were named as one of the country’s top 100 apprenticeship employers, a position we aim to maintain in future.

What are we planning to do by 2020?

We want to continue to make a positive difference in the communities we serve.

By 2020 we would like to work in partnership with you to help save water and protect your sewers and drains from blockages, which can lead to flooding inside your property. We plan to expand our education programme to reach 125,000 customers every year by 2020.

In 2013 we launched Water Champions, a volunteering scheme which helps employees make a difference to schools in our region. We will also be improving and extending educational and visitor facilities at our key reservoir sites.

What are we doing today?

Visit our communities & charities section to read more about our charity work as well as how you could get involved with the Water Champions project. Our apprenticeship programme will give you the chance to keep our wonderful water flowing and find fresh solutions for the challenges we face. Our apprenticeships programme  is open for applications in the new year. 

Local environment

We want our activities to protect and enhance the rivers, lakes and streams across our region. Our objective is to protect our local environment.

Only 30% of the rivers in our region are at a good ecological status. There is more we need to do to meet future environmental standards, but at an affordable price.

To achieve the new standards we need to keep maintaining and improving our waste water treatment works. We also need to make changes to how much water we take from the environment and reduce pollution.

The changes we make will ensure that our rivers and waterways can support a greater diversity of wildlife and plants, provider a better environment for walking and fishing and supply us with cleaner water.

What are we planning to do by 2020?

By 2020 we want to deliver real visible improvements in rivers and habitats, but we're spreading out the investment needed so that your bills remain affordable.

This will mean improving how we treat your water and working with our customers to stop damaging substances from entering our treatment facilities through sewers.

Wider environment

How we operate - from the energy we use to how we manage our waste - affects the wider environment in which we work. Our objective is to protect the wider environment.

When you use our services, we want you to be confident that we are doing what we can to reduce our impact on the environment.

Energy prices are increasing so we want to protect our customers from this. We generate 24% of our own energy and our ambition is to do more in future.

What are we planning to do by 2020?

By 2020, we aim to make further cuts in the amount of energy we use and generate more of our own energy. This will help to reduce our carbon footprint and keep bills low for customers.

We plan to reduce leakage by 6%, whilst at the same time supporting our customers to be more water efficient.

What can you do today?

You can play your part today by using less hot water in the home. Try our water footprint calculator for more suggestions on how you could save water in your home. You can also order free water saving products.

Corporate Responsibility

Our corporate site goes through our approach to corporate responsibility, and our performance commitments.