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Adapting to climate change - Future Proofing

“We are looking forward to delivering our plans for 2015-20. Climate change presents a big challenge to us, yet it is a challenge that we can respond positively to.”  Liv Garfield, Chief Executive

To find out more about our climate change risk assessment, how we have increased our resilience over the last five years, and our adaptation actions for the next five years, read our 2015-2020 Future Proofing reports.

As a water company we are acutely aware of the day-to-day impact that weather can have on our business. As well as being able to cope with the weather today, it is vital that we look to the future to understand the action we need to take to prepare for climate change.

Key highlights from our 2015-2020 adaptation report:

  • We’ve got an ambitious plan that builds our resilience to the impacts of climate change but doesn’t push up customers’ bills. We’re proud that we’ve got the lowest bills in the land while still being able to invest to protect services for future generations.
  • We’re making our biggest ever investment to provide an alternative water supply to the city of Birmingham. This will provide resilience to over a million people and ensure one of our most important aqueducts continues to provide a low carbon and sustainable water supply into the next century. Find out more about Birmingham resilience.
  • Our new Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODIs) mean that our financial performance is now more strongly linked to weather and climate change than ever before. This places greater focus on delivering adaptation action and managing climate related risks. Read about our commitments including better value, better services and a healthier environment.

Our approach to climate change adaptation:

  • Have the right mindset and behaviours in place to understand the issues, plan and implement action.
  • Systematically take action to reduce our priority climate change risks.
  • Actively seek wider opportunities to transform how and what we do.

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